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Name: Bestser Ltd.

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Representative for registry issues

Name: Johanna Mätäsaho

Address: Linnoitustie 4B, 02600 Espoo, Finland

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Register name

What Matters to Me online service (hereinafter, the Service)

Purpose of personal data processing

The Service is a platform that allows a user to share, with the entities/individuals (third parties) of the user’s choice, information about the personal needs and preferences the user has in various service conditions and locations. The Service allows providers (third parties) of different services to learn about customer needs and preferences and to adapt their services to suit everyone better. In addition, the service improves the opportunities for users to receive services that suit them better.

Each user specifies separately the information said user wants to save in the Service. The information stored by users is not shared with third parties automatically or as a result of actions by the Controller. Each user decides separately what information said user wants to share with third parties.

Register contents

User information stored in the Service:

  • email address
  • (password is not stored in the database)
  • country of residence
  • needs and their descriptions selected by the user from the options presented by the service (need page)
  • any additional user-specified information describing the user’s needs
  • a link to a user’s need page (the user decides where and with whom to share the link)
  • eventual user-defined key code for viewing the contents of the need page
  • duration of access to the service (users are billed for access with an invoice sent by email)
  • voucher codes used by the user

On the need page, users can add contact information for individuals who can provide service providers with additional information and instructions on needs. Users must obtain consent from such individuals to store such contact information in the Service and to display such information to third parties

Regular data sources

Information is collected for the register in two ways:

  1. Users of the service enter it themselves (Users manage their data and the needs pages they create in the Service)
  2. After payment of the license fee, the service administrator updates the access duration in accordance with the paid time.

Regular disclosure of data

Information about users stored in the is not disclosed to third parties by the Controller.

Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

The servers users to store data are compliant with the EU’s regulations on data protection. Data is not transferred outside this area by the Controller. Users may grant viewing privileges to their needs pages to third parties outside this area.

Principles for protecting the registry

The Controller maintains a separate log file of the users of the Service and of the changes in user data made by the administrators. These changes are: updating the duration of access, deleting user information (at the request of a user), deleting a user account from the Service (at the request of a user)

Each user can only view his/her own information, and the Service will display said information only after the user has logged in. Users decide whether to share their needs pages with third parties.

Service administrators have the right to read data on all users in the Service.

Any access, additions and changes to data are written in a log, which records who and when read/changed a customer’s data. All network traffic is encrypted.

Right of inspection

Individuals in the register can inspect what information about them has been recorded in the register or that the register does not have information about them. The request to inspect the data shall be made in writing to the representative for the registry. The inspection request must be presented in a document signed by the person making the request or in a document with a corresponding method of verification. Inspection requests cannot be made by telephone.

Right to request corrections to data

Users manage the data they have stored about themselves in the Service. Users control the access of eventual third parties to the data the users have stored about themselves.

Requests to correct the duration of access shall be sent to the Controller (

Other rights for processing personal data

The Controller can send users email about the Service, its features, its terms and conditions and this privacy policy. If a user wants to delete all their information from the Service or to transfer their data to another system, the user shall send an email to the Controller’s customer service at User data is not used for personal registers or genealogical surveys